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Playing ZZT in Windows or DOS has never been easier! The office suite of ZZT, ZZTUnder allows ZZT worlds to be categorized into separate folders, starts gameplay at the title screen, allows for an extended help system, improves thieving of screen shots, and includes countless other goodies.

Features include:


Current version: 0.2.3

The source code is compressed using tar and gzip. If you cannot open this kind of archive, feel free to complain. I am simply too lazy to download a command-line zip client for my automated scripts.

ZZTUnder WorldPak

ZZT isn't much fun without any worlds to play. You can, of course, build your own worlds using the built-in editor, KevEdit, or ZZTAE, but that's no fun until you've played a few worlds first. The ZZT Under World Pak is a collection of some of the greatest worlds available. From Tim Sweeney's classic Town of ZZT to Chronos' ChronoWars series, this release is packed with plenty of ZZT goodness.

The WorldPack includes:

Current version: 0.1


Questions and comments can be directed to Email me if you would like the source code.

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